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May 21st, 2023 

12 - 3pm.

Soulful Sunday Session

in collaboration with Lululemon and Glossier

It brings me so much happiness to be able to bring you this very special workshop.

Join us for a beautifully-crafted experience of movement, self-reflection, connection, celebration, catharsis, and JOY!

This three hour session is held in the intention to create moments that uplift, inspire, encourage and empower YOU and this beautiful community. We will be journeying through movement, breath, stillness and sound in honour of international meditation day, leaving us to enjoy the rest of our a weekend in a state of total bliss.


Expect creative and dynamic sequencing where we explore playful shapes and mobility within our bodies, stimulating the relationship between flow and stability, grace and strength, effort and ease. The second section will be dedicated to slowing down. We will  acknowledge the beauty of stillness and softness whilst tuning in to your internal energy centres. You’ll tap into neglected areas of your body through meditation before basking in beautiful sound vibration.


This is a workshop to fill up on, if you’re feeling underwhelmed or overwhelmed by life, this Soulful Sunday Session will leave you feeling connected and whole. We have the most gorgeous venue hosting us, and incredible brands supporting us.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is time, I hope you can take it.

Price £60

includes: £60 Lululemon Voucher, Glossier Gifting and Huel Products.

to purchase please email: claudia@movewithmirallegro

Space is Limited. 

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Policies + FAQs

Where is the workshop being held? 

FiveFour Studio

54 Oldfield road
M5 4LZ

Do I need to bring a mat?

Please bring your own mat and any props you may need. There will be no spare mats available.

What to bring

Yoga Mat (there will be no spare mats available)


Limited Belongings (there will be an area to store bags but to ensure easy access in and out of the class,

it’s always best to limit the amount of personal items you have with you)


What to wear

Comfortable activewear

What if I've never practiced yoga before?

 Some level of athleticism and knowledge should be required.

Each student is to listen to their bodies and work at their own pace.

What is the schedule

Programming begins around 12pm and finish at 3pm.

Do I need to sign a waiver

By taking part in this workshop you agree to take full responsibility for yourself and your health.

Any injury or damage caused by practicing is at your liability. 

Acknowledgment and License

By purchasing tickets to this event, participating in any fitness activities, and/or visiting the premises where we are holding the event, you agree and acknowledge that you: (1) have read and fully understand the below important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk, and waiver, (2) are 18 years of age or older, and (3) confirm that you the event has the right to capture and record your likeness, name, image, and voice (your “Likeness”) in connection with the event. If you don’t wish to be photographed or recorded please do not buy a ticket to this event.

Fitness Responsibility

You are solely responsible for determining whether you are physically and mentally fit and/or adequately skilled to participate in this event. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to consult a physician before undertaking any fitness activity, including breathwork. It is also your responsibility to determine, during your participation in this activity, whether you should discontinue your participation in such activity or take any other actions to protect your health or safety.

Assumption of Risk

 Despite careful and proper preparation, instruction, medical advice, and conditioning participation in fitness and wellness activities involves a risk of serious injury. All hazards and dangers cannot be foreseen. Depending on the particular activity, certain risks, dangers and injuries exist. Nonetheless, you hereby agree to assume all risks of your participation in this event, whether known or unknown to you.

Any additional questions

Please email

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