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Ten Days of Movement is an embodiment, free-form, spirit-driven yoga practices. Inspired by the truth that we are all dancers, and that this human life is itself an ongoing dance that is dynamic, unpredictable, and wildly intelligent. It;s a true privilege for me to offer these practices that have held me, moved me, and changed me! Provoked by a curated musical scape, we will travel using movement maps that simultaneously activate and ground, expand our planetary nature and call us home to center. We will invite awareness to the depths and into ecstatic ethers. It will get sweaty if you want it to and it will soften at times. Everything will be an invitation. We might fall in love with ourselves, our bodies, and each other inside of the wordless spaciousness created by moving mindfully. It will be whatever it needs to be, and your body already knows what that is.


I hope you'll join me for these very special ten days of movement, meditation, and journaling. Via these practices, we have the ability to be curious about feeling, creating, shaping, and exploring how to live, move and breathe well inside the body.


Inspired by the anatomy and beauty of the human form, allowing you to feel both redeemed and yourself all at once.


Come as you are, breathe, and watch the magic that ensues from the inside out.


the bundle will comprise of:

  • Begins Feb 5th.

  • 10 pre-recorded 30 minute sessions, including vinyasa, yin, power and mediation.

  • Daily guidance, curated playlists and journal prompts.

  • Glossier gifting.

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