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These classes are straight from the heart — attuning to the universal waves we are all riding. A space to explore the dynamic shapes and mobility within our bodies, stimulating the relationship between flow and stability, grace and strength, softness and bravery.


We will be working through the four physiological lines of the body - front line, backline, spiral lines and lateral lines - and blending them with the qualities of the elements in nature - air, earth, fire, and water.  A progressive, creative mandala vinyasa with a strong focus on mastering peak poses.


My purpose for these sessions is to create moments that uplift, inspire, encourage and empower this community. I truly believe those powerful moments change the course of people's lives and we rise up together, stronger and more unified. It’s time to remember your resilience, honor your sovereignty and celebrate what you are capable of.


You will leave these classes feeling more alive, more awake and more connected to yourself and therefore, to the greater world around YOU.


Step in, lets begin. 

Mandala Masterclass Fire 1.2
Mandala Masterclass Air 1.2
Mandala Masterclass Water 1.2
Mandala Masterclass Earth 1.2
Mandala Masterclass Fire
Mandala Masterclass Air
Mandala Masterclass Water
Mandala Masterclass Earth
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