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Participate at your own pace, from any location.


Join me on a journey of rediscovery as I share with you the tools that have enabled me to grow confidence, community and creativity.

When I first entered this world of wellness, there wasn’t much direction in the industry. The goal was to share what I had learnt. Because for me, yoga has been the catalyst that helped me articulate and actualize my own. Yoga gave me a voice. A tool to access my own voice. A way to turn doubt into confidence, fear into fuel and potential into a career. 


Now, I create yoga classes, retreats & online content to help others unlock, heal and simply, feel good. It serves my soul. But it hasn’t been all sunshine & rainbows. The reality is there have been a lot of uncertainties, doubts and failures. That’s why I want to share with you the lessons that I’ve learn along the way and the values that have provided me foundations to grow, evolve and flourish in this wellness world.

The Mentor Webinar will give you tools, inspiration and guidance to do just that. 

£11 per household

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  • 90 minute session

  • There are 6 elements to this session: Conception, Character, Consistency, Confidence, Concentration, Community.

  • Integration is an important part in how we process information. After working through each section, there will be “Integration Exercises” through Meditation, Movement, Reflection, Contemplation and Expression.

  • Resource takeaways & workbook.

  • Questions & Answers 

- Journal and pen

Ticket cost: £11 (on demand access).

Move with Mirallegro does not offer refunds.

QUESTIONS? Get in touch:

*after purchasing an access link will be sent via email within the hour. 

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